I. Age Limits

  1. Pee-Wee player cannot be 9 years old on or before Sept 1st
  2. 3rd Grade player cannot be 10 years old on or before Sept 1st
  3. 4th Grade player cannot be 11 years old on or before Sept 1st
  4. 5th Grade player cannot be 12 years old on or before Sept 1st

II. Eligibility

  1. Player must attend school they play for – only exception is a home school student that is zoned for school they play for.
    1. Home school students must show proof of grade currently in, age, current address

III. Team Rules

  1. Once a player has entered the league on a roster of a given color, that player must remain on that team through the 5th grade
  2. Team rosters must be turned into Little Big 9 President & must contain: Name, Age, DOB, Address, Grade, Parents name & phone #, & Principal’s Signature.
    1. Once rosters have been turned into League President they will be frozen.
    2. Only change that can be made if a player moves into a different school zone & can be added at that point.

IV. School Closings

  1. If closed due to weather on game or practice day.
    1. If a home game – ISE will not allow us in gym due to liability reasons & we will not  play or practice.
    2. Coaches will notify parents of any schedule Changes

V. Quarters

  1. Pee-Wee, 2nd/3rd Grade Girls, 3rd Grade Boys – 5 Minutes
  2. 4th Grade Boys, 4th/5th Grade Girls, 5th Grade Boys – 6 Minutes
  3. Overtime will be 3 minutes for all grades – 1 time out per OT period & any regulation carry over

VI. Full Court Press

  1. PeeWee last 2 minutes of 4th quarter
  2. 2nd/3rd Grade Girls, 3rd Grade Boys – 4th Quarter
  3. 4th Grade Boys, 4th/5th Grade Girls – 2nd Half
  4. 5th Grade Boys Entire Game

VII. Minimum Players Requirement

  1. Pee-Wee, 2nd/3rd Grade Girls, 3rd Grade Boys & 4th Grade Boys must have a minimum of 4 players to start a game.
  2. 4th/5th Girls & 5th Grade Boys a minimum of 5 players to start a game.
  3. Playing Time
    1. Every player must play 1 second of the game
    2. Playing time is the coach’s decision – Do not approach coach before or after a game to discuss a players playing time.
    3. If cannot be settled between parent & coach you can contact me only after 24 hours of last contact with coach/parent discussion.

IX.  Volunteers

  1. Home team must have someone to run clock & have an official scorekeeper. – must be quiet – cannot coach or help coach.
  2. Two coaches on bench – Assistant Coach may not stand at anytime during                          game  play.
  3. Gate/Admissions – must have parent volunteers to run gate
    1. Adults – $4
    2. Students – $2
  4. Concessions – Parent volunteers for each home game.

X.   NO Outside Basketballs to be brought to the gym – ball will be provided by home team for visiting team to warm up with

XI.  Communication

  1. Direct communication with your players head coach.
  3. Email address: indianspringsbball [at] gmail [dot] com

XII.  Uniform Requirements

  1. No Lighted shoes
  2. No earrings or other kind of jewelry
  3. No glitter or body stickers, metal or hard plastic clasp or hair bow.
    1. Head bands cannot tie in back.
  4. T-Shirts under jersey must be a solid color w/no writing.
    1. If more than 1 player on team is wearing T-Shirt then they must match
    2. T-shirts cannot have any ads except sports logo (i.e. Nike, Reebok, etc..)

XIII. Sportsmanship Conduct

  1. Other Players/Teams
  2. Coaches
  3. Officials
  4. Fundraisers/Sponsorships

XV.  Parents

  1. You must stay in stands – do not come on floor during game/timeouts/etc…
  2. Do not talk/heckle/or anything else to the coaches or referees


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Parent Code of Conduct for ISYAA 

2020-2021 Season ISYAA Registration Form